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New Kingdom Global 

introduction to New Kingdom Global Vision

Building the Kingdom Infrastructure to facilitate your Kingdom dreams

There is a Kingdom of God/heaven on earth today! Are you part of this? If so then please seek to join New Kingdom Global see Matthew 6 v 33 "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you". .  Join us now!

New Kingdom Global (NKG) is a kingdom business with covenant partners created to facilitate the Kingdom of God establishment on earth today.

However, without the cleansing blood of Jesus cleansing our sins we cannot become Holy. Unless we become Holy, we cannot receive the Holy Spirit. Unless we receive the Holy Spirit, we cannot become citizens of the kingdom of God as indicated by Myles Munroe in rediscovering the kingdom!   

This group has been envisioned by words from our creator as a system of cooperative integration, amalgamation and operation to link with and interconnect with many other groups throughout the earth. 

In fact, ALL groups in the true body of Christ are connected “like it or not”. This is not up to us, but our creator requirements. We are !!

The four main sections available to partners of the initial integration;  Kingdom Financial, Research (start-ups), Trading Exchange and Academy. He will combine in a non-competitive way the existing programs and His people (those born a second time) that we know God has created all over the earth for this time.


Welcome to the online Business banquet

Part of our program is a monthly online/zoom gathering of Partners for fellowship and communion.

This also includes introductions into the different time zones.

We currently have local and international "round table" gatherings 



Kingdom product Mall

We are developing a Kingdom product Mall (This is part of the Kingdom trading exchange) Kingdom product Mall. We believe we should give preference to buy one another products and services! Initially for Partners only


New Kingdom Strategic Insights

This initiative is to facilitate the provision of strategic insight into your business via your board and you the owners.

We have network of experienced directors, business owner and strategic investors who will provide a cost effective consultancy service to fast track and support your company growth or down sizing as required and discerned.

For further inquiry's / information please email mailto:admin@newkingdomglobal.com

You may want to consider applying to join this program?


  Does your business and vision include possible components for the integration into a whole matrix of the kingdom.

  We operate with "worlds" and Kingdoms best practice and under the traditional the golden rule model.

 Does your business or idea or vision have a place in the New Kingdom of God on earth today?

 Would you value a global or local round table Zoom gathering once per month or more frequently as desired to interact on specific development stages? see below

 To be part of the NKG Matrix and add your kingdom contribution please connect below. 

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These are the groups that we are working with -

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